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Afterschool Programs

We offer a variety of extended day programs to support students in their academic journey. While some offerings are designed to improve students’ academic performance, others are designed to broaden students’ interests and develop talents or challenge students in new ways.

ROAR Academy
Herman Leimbach offers an after-school program which maximizes student participation. The program offers homework assistance, and involves students in enrichment activities that develop social skills, increase self-confidence and self-esteem. In addition, ROAR Academy offers a literacy element as part of the skills building component.
Capitol Region Engineering Science and Technology (CREST)
CREST is an after school program that meets weekly to learn a curriculum geared toward hands-on math, science, and engineering. Each student in CREST has been selected on teacher recommendations and a completed application. This is a select group of students who work very hard all year long to learn cutting-edge technology.
Leimbach Visual and Performing Arts Club (VAPA)
The Leimbach Visual and Performing Arts Club provides young artists an opportunity to express themselves artistically. The group meets once a week after school in a room set up for arts instruction. We use high-quality materials and present the arts in a professional manner through public exhibitions and performances. The arts instruction is provided by Leimbach teachers who are practicing artists and performers and experienced art educators.